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Sam Kissajukian (37) is a comedian and visual artist based in Sydney who's been working professionally as a stand-up comedian for over a decade. He's toured globally in the USA, UK, Europe and around Australia.


In 2021, Sam stopped performing due to a 5 month Bipolar manic episode. In this prolonged episode he made 300 large paintings, documenting his mental states daily. In mid 2022, after recovery, diagnosis and treatment, Sam began performing again as well as holding his first solo exhibition.


Since 2022, Sam’s practice uses a ‘two tier approach’ incorporating storytelling techniques mixed with spoken word and comedic examination of his visual art and practice paired with a curated exhibition. Together these represent broad exploration of the artistic process, mental health and its ties to creativity.


Sam’s since held six solo exhibitions. Arts institutions span NSW’s Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Adelaide’s Immersive Light & Art & Brisbane Powerhouse, twice. 



Best Solo Exhibition - Adelaide Fringe 2024 

Visual Arts and Design weekly Award - Adelaide Fringe 2024 

Best Comedy weekly Award - Adelaide Fringe 2024 

Mental Health Awareness Award - Adelaide Fringe 2024 

NZ Touring Award - Melbourne Fringe 2023 

Best Comedy weekly Award - Perth Fringe World 2023 

Best Comedy Award - Sydney Fringe 2023 

Best Comedy Award - Sydney Fringe 2022 

Directors Choice Award - Sydney Fringe 2022 


Publication reviews

Museum of Modernia (Performance with Exhibition)

5 star review - The List UK 2024. Read review.

5 star review - Glam Adelaide 2024. Read review.

5 star review - 2024. Read review.

300 Paintings (Performance)

5 star review - FringeFeed 2024. Read review. 

5 star review - Arts Hub 2023. Read review.

5 star review - Glam Adelaide 2023. Read review.

5 star review - 2023. Read review.


Paintings of Modernia (Exhibition)

5 star review - 2023. Read review.

Solo Exhibitions

Summerhall In Vitro Gallery - Edinburgh UK 2024 (Upcoming)

Brisbane Powerhouse Brisbane -Brisbane 2024 (Upcoming)

Immersive Light and Art - Adelaide 2024

Victorian Trades Hall - Melbourne 2023 (selection)

Sydney Fringe Side Show Gallery - Sydney 2023

Brisbane Powerhouse Brisbane - Brisbane 2023

Maitland Regional Art Gallery - NSW 2023

Comedy Lounge - Perth 2022

Group Exhibitions

107 Projects - Sydney 2022​

Media Interviews:

SANE Australia, 'People like you' podcast 2024. Listen to interview.

'Young Blood Men's Mental Health' podcast 2024. Listen to interview. 

Fest Mag interview. Read article.

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