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300 Paintings 2022-2024

A live examination of 300 paintings created during a 5 month long manic Bipolar episode.

In a unique format this work examines mental health & its treatment through a Bipolar lens. A ‘2-tier approach’ mixes storytelling techniques with spoken word & comedic interrogation of early visual art practice paired with a curated exhibition of work. Together, these represent a deep & accessible exploration of the artistic process, mental health & its ties to creativity. 


By presenting a candid narrative of living with Bipolar disorder I hope to offer an empathetic beacon for others navigating mental-health challenges. I aim to provide an accurate & responsible representation of Bipolar manic and depressive states, demystifying & destigmatising these experiences. Additionally, this work explores the benefits & possibilities of addressing mental health concerns with openness & compassion.

Museum of Modernia 2024

Commissioned by Immersive Light and Art. A performance paired with purpose built digital art for ILA's 3m x 25m immersive 270 degree surround LED screen.



Soho Playhouse, New York (dates tbc)

New Zealand Institute of Creativity, Wellington (dates tbc)

Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne (dates tbc)

Immersive Light and Art, Adelaide (dates tbc)

2024, Museum of Modernia

Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane. May 25th & 26th. Tickets.

Immersive Light and Art, Adelaide

2024, 300 Paintings

Summerhall, Edinburgh, UK. August 2nd - 26th. 

Fringe World Festival, Perth​​

2023, 300 Paintings

Victorian Trades Hall, Melbourne Fringe​

Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane

Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Sydney

Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Maitland

Side Show Gallery, Sydney Fringe

DADAA, Perth

2022, 300 Paintings

Meraki Arts Bar, Sydney

107 Projects, Sydney

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